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Itemized work experience, educational background, and special skills.

Myrin New Resume Body of Work

Network Engineer / IT Consultant

  • Highly skilled IT Professional with progressive career in large companies.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage projects in a timely manner and on budget.
  • Successful at implementing new systems and applications, and organizing effective launches.
  • Able to adapt quickly to new environments, concepts and systems.
  • Superior customer relations, problem solving and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to assess customer needs and implements effective methods to deliver optimum results.
  • Productive and results oriented in team and individual projects.
Myrin New - Resume

MyNew Technologies - Chicago, IL IT Consultant 2001 – present

  • Develop web portals using Linux OS, Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL and SQL.
  • Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript JQuery, and Python coding and libraries.
  • Deploy Citrix’s XenApp, XenDesktop, and VMWare using Windows Server OS.
  • Image Microsoft Office environment for remote desktop users in Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
  • Analyze weaknesses or security threats in complex data and / or computer systems.
  • Create network drawings in Visio and Concept Draw.
  • Deployed and supported open source CMS including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
Kaplan University - Myrin New IT Consultant

Kaplan University - Chicago, IL

  • Coordinated the management of the course production process for one or more University schools (50,000 online students).
  • Performed operational activities to migrate courses to XML and into the Enterprise Content Management System (Brightspace), including revision and development.
  • Responsible for making courses available for course management system migration as well as correcting errors in live courses.
  • Created and maintained the course shells in the Learning Management System (LMS).
Ebert Digital - Myrin New IT Consultant

Ebert Digital - Chicago, IL 

  • Provided technical consulting to the Publisher of Ebert Digital on Mac OS X.
  • Analyzed metrics of multi-millions visitors to through Google’s tools .
  • Produced wireframes of new layouts to main website, newsletter and SEO optimization.
Absolute Green Recycling - Myrin New IT Consultant

Absolute Green Recycling - Lake Forest, CA

  • Constructed e-commerce site with Magento, PHP, MySQL and Linux.
  • Developed film advertising media with Final Cut Pro.
  • Used Adobe Suite Software to build websites and vector graphics.
Recovery Now TV - Myrin New IT Consultant - Laguna Beach, CA 

  • Performed PHP development work on web properties for media presentations.
  • Optimized website for search engine placement and search engine marketing.
  • Integrated Joomla and WordPress (PHP / MySQL) for public / private article submissions.
New Method Wellness - Myrin New IT Consultant - San Juan Capistrano, CA

  • Created marketing websites with tracking for addiction treatment agency.
  • Produced digital pictures and videos for advertising campaigns and networks.
  • Installed desktop software through ZENworks.
SoberRecovery - Myrin New IT Consultant & Web Developer - Dana Point, CA

  • Co-developer of world’s largest web directory alcohol and drug treatment.
  • Created digital advertising platform for top 85 addiction centers in the United States.
  • Wrote PHP code to gather user data, website usage and display conditional content.
Robyn Seymour - Myrin New IT Consultant - Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Coded with PHP on active website to produce real estate listings by specialized queries.
  • Supported Microsoft Office suite.
  • Performed organic ranking methods against other industry competition.
South Coast Recovery - Myrin New IT Consultant & Web Developer

South Coast Recovery - San Clemente, CA

  • Built ethernet backbone on Cisco 5000 series switches and 3000 series routers.
  • Created VPN for remote access to internal servers used by 50 member staff.
  • Wrote PHP applications to gather data from potential clients to the agency.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Microsoft Exchange Server for enterprise mail.
Myrin New - Resume

Constellation Brands - (formally Barton Brands) - Chicago, Illinois Senior Network Engineer Dates Employed 1999 – 2001

  • Configured Cisco switches for U.S. and Canadian production facilities.
  • Deployed Cisco 2500 series routers and Cisco 1900 series switches.
  • Implemented globally, Lotus Domino 5.04a with IBM AS/400's.
  • Created security policies in Windows Active Directory.
  • Deployed Windows applications via LAN / WAN.
  • Built B2B and Web portal for enterprise secured by PIX firewalls.
  • Performed data backups and disaster recovery operations.
  • Designed, developed, analyzed, troubleshot, and documented computer Cisco networks.
Myrin New - Resume

Morton Salt - Chicago, Illinois LAN Engineer Dates Employed 1997 – Oct 1999

  • Implemented NetWare 5 in a pure TCP/IP environment.
  • Served as Lotus Notes Administrator with Lotus Notes/Domino on AS/400.
  • Configured, maintained, and upgraded Cisco 2500 / 4000 series routers.
  • Installed bridges, hubs, and routers.
  • Performed basic diagnostic work, protect networks from online threats.
  • Supported router protocols EIGRP, BGP and OSPF.
  • Installed RSA's Security Dynamics token authentication and Citrix server.
  • Performed data backups and disaster recovery operations.
  • Participated in a 24x7x365 call-level support team.
Myrin New - Resume

Appraisal Institute - Chicago, Illinois IT Analyst Dates Employed 1995 – 1997

  • Diagnosed and troubleshot network and procured improvements.
  • Installed Cisco's remote access service for NT 3.51 and Novell 3.12.
  • Created router connectivity with TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBEUI protocols.
  • Built NT, Novell, and Unix fileservers for production and disaster recovery.
  • Gathered feedback from end users to continue improving systems.
  • Provided advice and technical training.
Myrin New - Resume

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois - Chicago, IL Data Processing Manager Dates Employed - 1990 – 1992

  • Performed data conversions from VAX/VMS to PC's to aid personnel in financial forecasting.
  • Developed relational database applications for medical billing system.
  • Managed 16 data gathering facilities for reporting demographics to a State of Illinois agency.
  • Supported 135 end-users with desktop applications.
Myrin New - Resume

Chicago Tribune Media Group - Chicago, IL Computer Support Dates Employed 1985 – 1989

  • Maintained data exchange across Novell 2.x networked peripherals for publications of daily editions.
  • Troubleshot hardware and software, assured connectivity to remote sites through network.
  • Performed maintenance and backups of VAX & LAN's.
  • Managed Ultrix workstations and Macintosh desktops for graphic artists.
  • Supported over 400 users daily.
DePaul University - Myrin New Resume

Education DePaul University - Chicago, IL Bachelors of Arts : Concentration in Technology

DePaul University - Myrin New Resume

Education DePaul University - Chicago, IL MS in Information Systems

Adobe Acrobat Adobe ColdFusion Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Fireworks Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign AJAX Apache HTTP Server Apache Webserver Apple Safari Cascading Style Sheets CSS Citrix Drupal XHTML Firewall software

Google AdWords Google Analytics Hewlett Packard HP-UX IBM WebSphere Joomla jQuery Linux Microsoft Access Joomla jQuery Linux Microsoft Access Microsoft Active Directory Microsoft DNS Server Microsoft Excel

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